The 21 Day Myth

by Greg Hoy

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11/15 For Today
11/16 So Defined
11/17 Stranded On The Line
11/18 Small Town Renegades
11/19 Salty Hideaway
11/20 Part-Time Life / Ride The Fury
11/21 Good Blonde
11/22 The Anti Anti Machine
11/23 Y U Treat Me So Bad (Club Nouveau cover)
11/24 PBR (Pretentious Bearded Radical)
11/25 Fiend 4 Yr Soul
11/26 A Secret is a Lie
11/27 Waiting for Good Dough
11/28 Casual Way
11/29 The Girl of My Dreams
11/30 Tiny Little Pressures
12/01 Just Wrote This Love Song

12/09 The Talk Goes Stiff


released December 6, 2014




30 Peak Recording Company San Francisco, California

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Track Name: The Talk Goes Stiff
Pick up the phone, you're not alone
The signs are clear, my dear
and the talk so stiff

Ill-advised, apologize
when the talk goes stiff

On a roll the blackest soul
Out of control
Have to deal with it

Behind a stare extraordinare
Without a care
as the talk goes stiff

State the case a poker face
What a waste
Hear the talk go stiff

Deepest sighs a chest that rise
No money buys
as the cost goes stiff

Nothing new not a change
misplaced words
there's no sense in it

Playing games on display
but who's to say?
When the talk goes stiff

Please display your usefulness
Track Name: For Today
Everyone takes advantage
Everyone wants it all
A million people speak in Spanish
sit & wait for the call

A forest full of trees that fall
& who's the fairest of them all?
The cotton's picked let's have a ball, they say.
It's just for today.

I saw your face I couldn't stop it
Burned my brain without delay
Some stars are born and some are prophets/profits
It's just the world we have today


Half a bottle brown & empty
A language only for today
My fill of wisdom warm & plenty
I only wish that I could stay
Track Name: So Defined
Do you ever take the time
to ask yourself reasons why?
We erase you and I
all the pieces that we can't define

So defined
We're so defined
Keep it all under control
all the time
all the time

Is it random? Or just surprise?
Can the lock be picked behind this sad disguise?
Supernatural! Mystify!
We order from a menu we despise.


Devolution, so they say
No one looking past the consequence of today
Nothing hidden no one's blind
Choosing what to see with rose-tinted eye
Track Name: Stranded On The Line
Every step you take's a mystery
All the things you gave away
Never thought you'd be this close to me
Never thought I'd want to stay

People dance inside their own parade
Selfish 2-steps awkwardly
Think that there must be a better way
No one could take that thought from me

You're so fine
Doing time
Leave me stranded on the line

And if this song becomes a history
And if my face just fades away
Years of bliss with little vacancy
Turned my hair from blonde to gray
Track Name: Small Town Renegades
Small town renegades
Girls selling lemonades
Every drunk can't have his drink
Calling us criminal
The size is minimal
We pay to be taught how to think

Lying in the grass
Slowly holding hands
Making jokes about the moon
Addicted to your laugh
Write your epitaph
All this is over far too soon

It's just a holiday
It's just a holiday
Please give me one more day in June

Taking photographs
Meet you after class
Get away from all this gloom
As we create this path
With different charts and graphs
Always a pleasant afternoon
Track Name: The Anti Anti Machine
Everybody got their own ideas about it...
People talking, saying nothing, just... echoing
Maybe someone need to close the curtain tightly
Change the record, pull the trigger, and kill this thing

Down this road 1,000,000x
No one wants to hear you scream
Welcome to the anti anti machine
uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh

Opinions: here, they all get seen as valid
Think you're heavy but you're a featherweight

uh huh, uh huh, uh huh, uh huh
Track Name: Casual Way
Rolling along your hair is flowing
The breeze is high and so am I, it seems
It takes control, this sudden remedy
My mind is blown, the sea is here with me

Staring at the sun
Looking in your casual way
A life that's just for fun
Living in your casual way

Sometimes we talk about forever
Some time we just don't talk at all
The heat is fine, I like the weather
No compromise, you miss the fall

Is that all?
Track Name: Fiend 4 Yr Soul

You holy roller
I'm a 1 in 10
I make you breakfast
Then I do it again

I'll add the water
Yeah you pour the wine
You know I blow
I show you a good time

I'm a fiend for your soul
I'm a fiend for your soul

Oh holy roller
Get your lovin' vein
Don't fight the pleasure
Yea you ain't got pain
Track Name: PBR (Pretentious Bearded Radical)
In other times, another place
We didn't have to shave our face
In the mines everyday
From the bar stool to the grave
There was no time, no time to spare
Take no razors to our hair
Different days long ago
Perhaps no one let you know?

PBR! PBR! It's what you drink. It's what you are!

Then you say 'I've got my ways
Things may change I stay the same
It's my choice to look this way
Another can to end the day'
Full of strife at 25
What does it mean to be alive?
The only war I've ever fought
I've got it all still not a lot

And so I sit this screen is here
After work I'll have a beer
Another day of working late
In a world I can't relate
Track Name: The Girl Of My Dreams
Got a chrome-plated heart ain't a bucket of bolts
Runs strong like an ox but only for adults
Takes turns like a champ always makes the scene
Keeps the white-walls white & the sidewells clean

Never gives any sass always turns on
Takes the road like a boss from sunset 'til dawn
There is something to be said for the selfless way
Never calls me a name always does what I say

Like the girl of my dreams
Like the girl of my dreams

Always goes to the place where I wanna go
We never get there fast we always take it slow
Doesn't question my thought never has any doubt
Sits in idle whisper doesn't ever shout

All the girls look & stare because they know the score
She's my little Christine she's my dirty little whore

Responds to my every command & touch
Takes control when I can't if I drink too much
Rides the roads like they're hers doesn't care what they say
And I roll down her sides on a sunny day

There's no one that can get the way it makes me feel
Every time that I get behind the steering wheel
It's the best thing I own It's the one thing I got
All the others leave me cold but she revs so hot
Track Name: Waiting for Good Dough
People living, no intution
Needing something to do
Get the news from a television
Never look for the truth
but do you?
Do you?

Looking straight in a mirror lying
Like it's just what you do
Full of laugh while there's people dying
Tell me, now what does that make you?
What does that make you?

17 hundred million voices
Yet they all got it wrong
Ask me if I'm paying attention
And I'll sing you this song
I'll sing you this song
Track Name: Salty Hideaway
Not a you song
Not a me song
Not a 'life has guarantees' song
But to hold on, hold on
Stay strong with the cold dawn

It's peculiar
what we do here
all the words that we mishear, dear
but to hold on hold on
Stay strong with the new dawn

Salty hideaway

Testing waters
Alma maters
Clapping hands for sons & daughters
In the jet stream
What does it mean?
Moving faster than a light beam

It's peculiar
what we say here
Words that cut sharp like a razor
No one owns you
lest they shone through
all the layers that define you
Track Name: Just Wrote This Love Song
Just wrote this love song
In hopes it won't be long
until you stop & think about it again

It seems I'm nervous
it just won't serve this
narrative of things I think you said

In all the times we sat around
All the things to figure out
The whispers of a long forgotten friend
In all the times with misery
I'd always wished & hoped you'd be
the one thing that's with me 'til the end

Just wrote this love song
Maybe I'm not as strong
as I used to think of myself back then

It doesn't serve this
Do I deserve this with a
jaded & a faded worn out pen?
Track Name: Part-Time Life / Ride The Fury
Moving on, moving up
Everybody gonna drink
from the loving cup
Stick it out, suck it in
Don't know where the party ends
but I'm ready to begin

Never doubt, never run
pulling out all the stops
as we watch the setting sun
Talking loud, talking shit
I don't need to have it all
gimme just a little bit

No part time life
No part time love
No part of anything
that I can't rise above

Start it up, talk your trash
Use your head for something good
instead of cruising for a bruise
Listen hard, know the scene
Don't know where the party ends
but it's looking obscene

*Ride The Fury
...improvised jibberish.
Track Name: Good Blonde
Good blonde
nice hair
cold eyes
warm stare

(She was a good blonde!)
Track Name: A Secret is a Lie
Don't tell a soul about it
Don't listen to the voice inside your head
Can't understand, can't understand the message
These things you tell yourself are so misled

Don't trust a single thought that you're thinking
Live inside the construct that you've made
It's beautiful, beautiful but tragic
Best risk getting out than over stay

This is why a secret is a lie

The judgement here is never too surprising
It mystifies the way the story plays
My practice keeps the little hairs from rising
And to decide if it's accepting ways

The contradiction leads me to confusion
A wall is hard to climb and hard to break
My laughter hides a deeper kind of question
Another game of hostile give and take
Track Name: Tiny Little Pressures
Tired of the waiting
Tired of the way
All your words are baiting
Everything you say

Always building walls up
Never make a road
So much heavy stresses
Think you might explode

Tiny little pressures
Subtle painful cues
Think your world is over
Nothing left to lose

All the lengths you go through
Following your dreams
Hoping it really works before
you're bursting at the seams
Track Name: More Than Anything
Meet me after school
Go and make some noise in the garage

Think you're pretty cool
Strike a pose like a hot desert mirage

The grass ain't always green
The notebook full of words you left behind

Stand in faded jeans
Girls like honey bees we're in our prime

Let you drive away
I couldn't change a thing
Nothing more to say
More than anything
The laughs we gave away
All the smiles you bring
Won't forget that day
More than anything

In a darkened room
A kick drum like the sound of a gun
A bunch of silly fools
Keeping all the others on the run

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